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This is exactly my dress for the Gala. Its been hard finding something to back up the image in my mind but here it is. Complete with trimmings, vneck and everything!

Of course my stupid tablet os acting ip again and wont let me post the pic. Arg!!  I will update later.  See it as a pin here:

Belle Assemblee 1808 Hand Colored Regency Fashion London Evening Dresses - standing lace collar - http://pinterest.com/pin/41658365280070077/?s=4&m=gmail

Also, I made a whole dress yesterday and am happy with it. That was after almost finishing another I wasnt happy with. So progress!  I guess we'll see what Ill be wearing at CoCo, huh? ;)

Pool Party Thoughts

Ok, so I finally dug out my old bluetooth keyboard, so now osting should be much easier with my tablet.  Yay!  Thanks Katherine for the reminder. ;)

Does anyone know, can i share pins from Pinterest here?  I want to show you the pool party costume I'm thinking of making.  It's super cool but will be about $50 to make and I'm not sure it's worth it, but I will be able to wear it for Halloween too.  It's a jellyfish costume.  A photosensitive jellyfish to be exact. :)  I was a jellyfish for Halloween about 10 years ago and I loved it.  Let me see if I can link pictures at least...

Have any of you ever seen "The Boyfriend" with Twiggy?  It's one of my all time favorite movies and theres a great scene called "Sur la Plage"  with dancing (tap ddancing really) Jellyfish, and that's the costume I based mine off of 10 years ago.  I wish I had a picture of it!

Here's one I found online:


so basically it was a hat.  I used a hula hoop covered in fabric wtih a bridal headpiece attached, then created the tentacles.  This was the same time as Finding Nemo so I had a little Nemo doll with me.

Anyway, here's a look at what I want to make!

finally.  That took forever to figure out.  For some reason, saving the image to my tablet is not working.  Anyway, this is from pinterest, but I linked the original post above.  She used LED lights and strings.  That's the part that would cost me...  What do you guys think though?  Isn't it cool? :)

Still not dead.

I'm sorry to say it's been a year at least since I read/logged onto LJ. It's been a hard first year in Cali but I'm at least finally sewing again. Even if I'm now not happy with it.

But the good news (main news) is that I'm going to CoCo! And I'm actually staying at the hotel! So Yay for fun shenanigans!

This of course has thrown me into an omg what am I going to wear fit!

Lots of ideas but little time unless I do nothing but sew and work. I used to do that all the time but it's one of the things that's suffered since my move.

So a list of some ideas:
See if my floral francaise is alterable with a stomacher.

Oh yeah did I mention I'm at my heaviest weight of my life? Part of the costuming depression.

Other possible options to start/work on :
A pet en l'aire
A natural form seaside gown
Which would also mean new corset
Something for the Atlantis pool party.
Additions to my new medieval dress
My "larp" character
A new Regency gown (I found this amazing king size silk bedsheet at Goodwill for 4 dollars! It's the perfect lightweight material for a Regency ball gown!
More options from the stash.

Anyway, the weight thing is what's slowing me down. I would need all new undergarments too, which takes up time.

Oh and the other good news is that I will be displaying my Elsa dress in the Cavalcade exhibit! I'm so proud of the dress, I'm excited for people to see it up close. But that means cleaning and fixing things like rhinestones that have fallen off. And making my dress form look better. But Yay!

This post was written on my phone so apologies. My computer is basically useless now which is one reason I'm so behind here on LJ!

Love to all my costume peeps!


Hi guys!  My move to LA has been crazy, I've been trying to work and unpack and not go crazy and for a while I thought, dang it I just can't go to CoCo, I missed registration and then I was like, I shouldn't spend the money anyway, but yesterday I woke up with a fierce NEED to go.

So I AM going to CoCo!!  Yay, so excited to see and hang out with all my costume peeps!  It's been too long. :)

So luckily I can buy a ticket at the door, (yeah, it costs more but after looking through the classes it will be worth it) and so I will be coming for the whole weekend!  I won't be going to dinner for the Gala, but that's ok, the dancing will be fun.  I've made up the list of classes I'd like to take (there are quite a few!) and now I'm trying to plan my wardrobe.  This is the problem.  I haven't made anything in ages, and I have gained quite a bit of weight in the last year, so unfortunately my pretty dresses like my francaise, my Titanic gown and some others that I would want to wear won't fit. :(

The one thing I WILL be able to wear, is my Queen Elsa gown!  I am really excited!  And I got a new wig, so it will look awesome. :)  I REALLY need to get some good pictures of it, so this will be perfect, I'll have people to help me!

So other options that will fit:
Regency drawstring dress with green open robe (this could work for the gala cause it's kind of a court gown?)
Once Upon a Time knock off costume from LARPing
Ariel's on shore costume

And then I was hoping to whip up in the next week either a Daenerys dress, or a bitchy roman dress, or something like that.  I've got fabric for that stuff already and they should be fairly easy.  I might just go comfy on Sunday as well, we'll see.

Anyway, I can't wait to hang out with you all!  I will be staying at my house and driving in every day, but it's still going to be worth it.

Robe de Style it is!

Ok, So I'm changing sides!  The court gowns are amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does for it, but the Robe de style is way more my thing.  I liked a lot of the court gowns I saw but none of them really called to me.  I picked the pink and pearls one because I figured it would be easiest for me to make materials wise.  But now that there's another group project in a style that I've been wanting to do for forever, I'm really excited!  I haven't settled on my final design yet, but I have some ideas....  Most of the ones I'm drawn to either have tulle or metallic fabric.  We'll just have to see!  For my favorites as of now you can look at my "Costume Inspiration" Pintrest board.  I only pin things I personally like.  I'm so glad there are so many others better about Pintrest than me, I can use all your boards and not have to worry about one for myself!  ;)  Man I'm lazy!

Ok, just in case....

In case I DO make it to CoCo next year, I'm IN with the Court dresses!

There are so many choices though!

But for now, here's the one I'm calling!

Pink and pearls! :)

ETA: I'm having second thoughts already!  There are just so many pretty dresses I've found... maybe it will have a lot to do with what fabric I can find.  So glad my local discount place has started carrying more taffeta than before (is that just me noticing that?).  I was also realizing that the last ball gown I made was also pink with pearls.  Guess I'm drawn to certain things? :)  But there are some bolder and brighter ones that are calling me as something different.  I don't know what to do!

Anyway, I'm also getting costuming jitters... this is a HUGE project and I really hope I can do it, and do it well.  What if this is the only thing I can get done by next year?  This last year has been crazy, almost no sewing, so I'm worried it will be the same this year.  I guess I just need to make it a bigger priority.  And hopefully we can have some local "Court Sewing Days"! :)

Oh, I'm also just realizing that I will probably have to make a new set of stays first... the ones I have are too small now...  Like I said, it's a big project....

Petticoat number two down!

Two petticoats down! :) I mean, they are pretty easy. But I bled on this one. :P My thumb isn't happy with me.

It's a brighter blue than I wanted but it was the closets thing I could find. Now on to the shirt!

Also, here's a better pic of the quilted one. I didn't realize how bad the other pic was last night. :P

I got the quilted silk from Sewfisticated, the discount designer fabric store here in Boston. Sorry nuranar! It was also just $10 a yard!

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One down!

I finished my quilted petticoat! :) It's ankle length but you can't tell, and the center crease won't iron out... :/

Will need a bum roll and petti underneath, so it's a little blah.

Also, found my Ariel fabric! Yay! While I'm in the petticoat kick, that's what I'm going to make next! :)

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Thanks guys!

I'm going with the green! And I think it matches the petti very well! :) But I also bought the yellow since it was a remnant and just 1 3/4. Couldn't resist, so Jenni, some day we may actually matching after all! ;)

Also I've been posting a lot today, haven't I? Wonder if I can keep it up? For some reason I'm in a super happy and excited mood! Though I guess fabric shopping will do that to you... ;)

Cause guess what else I could resist grabbing? Pastel minty green and peachy pink plain weave silk taffeta for 9.99 a yard. Bought 2 of each. The green will be a jacket like the pink gathered one in KCI (Aubrey, I think you did that one too) as the pink will be a sash with that (with my white voile petticoat) and the other half is maybe for trimming a bonnet or something. I mean, you can never go wrong with extra pink silk, am I wrong? ;). So yay for fabric! Yay for retail therapy! Now Im going to go sew!! :)

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Would either of these work?

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