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Petticoat number two down!

Two petticoats down! :) I mean, they are pretty easy. But I bled on this one. :P My thumb isn't happy with me.

It's a brighter blue than I wanted but it was the closets thing I could find. Now on to the shirt!

Also, here's a better pic of the quilted one. I didn't realize how bad the other pic was last night. :P

I got the quilted silk from Sewfisticated, the discount designer fabric store here in Boston. Sorry nuranar! It was also just $10 a yard!

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Feb. 6th, 2013 01:23 pm (UTC)
Lovely skirts! I nominated you for a Gargie award! http://rosesandvellum.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/gargie-award-and-very-inspiring-blogger.html
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