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Thanks guys!

I'm going with the green! And I think it matches the petti very well! :) But I also bought the yellow since it was a remnant and just 1 3/4. Couldn't resist, so Jenni, some day we may actually matching after all! ;)

Also I've been posting a lot today, haven't I? Wonder if I can keep it up? For some reason I'm in a super happy and excited mood! Though I guess fabric shopping will do that to you... ;)

Cause guess what else I could resist grabbing? Pastel minty green and peachy pink plain weave silk taffeta for 9.99 a yard. Bought 2 of each. The green will be a jacket like the pink gathered one in KCI (Aubrey, I think you did that one too) as the pink will be a sash with that (with my white voile petticoat) and the other half is maybe for trimming a bonnet or something. I mean, you can never go wrong with extra pink silk, am I wrong? ;). So yay for fabric! Yay for retail therapy! Now Im going to go sew!! :)

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Sep. 21st, 2012 02:42 am (UTC)
I would have bought PILES of silk taffeta, so it's a good thing I wasn't there, ha ha ha! And, as you know, I fully support being twins. ;) I think if you just might be able to squeak the CC-U jacket out of the yellow, if you so desired. Depending on your size. Observe:

This is the CC-U jacket enlarged to original size and laid on the yellow fabric folded in half. This takes up about 22" length of fabric. Then there's that additional little piece (off to the left) and the sleeve (which I can't find at the moment - there are pattern pieces on my table everywhere right now!) which you could probably fit side by side. So that just leaves the stomacher. Something might need to be carefully pieced, but, I think it could theoretically be done. Again, depending on size. . . Where you are so slender, you might be able to pull this off!